Youtube Marketing and it’s Uses

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Youtube Marketing

Youtube, surely you would have heard this name before. Youtube is the second largest search engine on the internet after Google. Youtube is a platform where anyone can post videos and become famous and earn a living as well. Now, for those who don’t understand how youtube works. It’s a platform people post videos on, when the person’s channel reach a certain amount of minutes watched on their videos the channel can now start monetizing their videos and earn money off of youtube. Main source of revenue from youtube is ad revenue. Youtube has over a billion active users on their platform and almost one third time spent on the internet is spent watching videos.

Youtube marketing doesn’t necessarily mean creating and uploading videos yourself, you can start sponsoring other youtube channels with large audiences to benefit your business. With these enormous audience, these youtube channels can promote your content in a very creative and effective way to increase traffic on your site and also improve some conversion rate! In fact, youtube marketing can also benefit your SEO and help your website reach at the top of the result page!

Major uses and benefits of Youtube marketing

We will be listing the most major uses and benefits of youtube marketing below, these are not in any particular order.

1.    Gain instant attention

Videos have a power to grab attention within just a second. Once you’ve got the user’s attention you can now feed them the information about your brand and products/services. Since, video marketing has become a vital part of today’s digital marketing campaigns you should take a piece of it as well!

2.    Increase Traffic

Youtube marketing can be used to bring large amount of traffic to your website. As discussed earlier, youtube has over a billion active user who watch over millions of hours of videos every single day. Just try to visualize the opportunity to drive traffic to your website that you can get through youtube alone. Most of successful business are using youtube marketing these days. Youtube marketing is pretty similar to traditional television marketing but youtube has a far more comprehensive reach!

3.    Drastic improvement in SEO

As you may or may not already know, Youtube is acquire by Google itself so when you search for any keyword youtube results come at the top. Hence, you can see the chronology pretty clearly here. This is a very simple but very strong reason to opt for youtube marketing. Developing your brand’s video marketing strategies around this platform will actually help you reach the top results on Google and other search engine.

4.    Link your social media to youtube marketing

Both social media and youtube has huge amount of audience readily available, but if you want to build your brand identity you need to grow your youtube presence as well as social media presence. Your social media will drastically help you gain audience quickly on youtube. Make sure you provide quality content to you audience and youtube will take care of the rest. You have the ability to reach millions so don’t let it go to waste by feeding on your youtube marketing campaigns!

5.    Find audience around the globe

Youtube marketing will help you promote your brand world-wide. This automatically increases the potential of your business from national to international. Once you have started reaching your audience globally you unlock the complete potential of your business, but now you have to take care of a lot more parameters as well. Youtube marketing has done a great job representing the world as a one large village!

6.    Easy Reach

Once you start youtube marketing, or create a channel you can gain heights just based on your content. What is organic reach? Organic reach simply means the reach to your users purely based on the relevancy of the content based on the keyword they are looking for. There are some platforms that require high number of followers to show in the top results of the lists which can be difficult at times. You can grow your channel independently on youtube without any hurdles.

7.    Return on Investment (ROI)

No before thinking of investing into youtube marketing you may be worries about its return on investment, whether or not is it worth investing in? Will it give me enough results? These are couple of questions that may arise before you actually start investing into youtube marketing. Well good news for you! Surveys show that about 78% of marketers say youtube marketing gives them good return on investment. So you could be free minded about investing into Youtube marketing.

These were some main things that youtube marketing is used for.

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