What is social media marketing and its benefits?

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Before jumping into social media marketing benefits we need to understand what is the meaning of social media to a very basic extent. Social media marketing basically means using social media platforms to advertise and promote your brand. Social media is one of the core components of digital marketing in today’s world. People now use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. a lot more than they use search engines to surf from web to web.

People spend time on these platform for basic means of entertainment. Since the common man uses these platforms a lot, they give a chance for businesses to promote themselves to these people in a very cost efficient way. Smart social media marketing campaigns target only specific portion of people that may be interested in your business, it increases your conversion rate and traffic in general. You can even build your brand identity through these platforms.

5 pillars of social media marketing

You can gain social media marketing benefits if all of these five pillars are taken care of. These pillars are namely

  1. Strategy
  2. Planning and Publishing
  3. Listening and Engagement
  4. Analytics and Reporting
  5. Advertising

Social Media marketing benefits

You might have gotten an idea of the power of social media marketing.  Social media marketing benefits are limitless, you can’t even imagine what it can to benefit your business if its done correctly. Some social media benefits are listed below

1.    Create Brand Awareness

Create and spread an awareness about your brand among the people. Before anything you have to have a decent amount of brand awareness before you can start getting results of social media. Making your brand awareness isn’t difficult with social media marketing hence it is listed under benefits of social media marketing. You can create a brand awareness by simply maintaining your social media profiles and running regular ads on the platform you are majorly focused on.

2.    Improved SEO

You might not believe this, but your social media could actually affect your website’s listing on search engines. When you are running successful social media marketing campaigns, the number of backlinks to your website is increased, and hence when the traffic on your website is increase, it’s natural that it will start listing in the top ranks automatically!

3.    Greater Conversion Rate

When you advertise or promote through social media, your conversion rate goes really high. This is because of one of the key benefits of social media marketing, Social media marketing campaigns are very precisely designed to target your specified audience. People who actually might have an interest in your business and focusing on prompting your ads to them. This way no money is wasted on the non-relevant piece of audience, you can filter out the population and only focus on your potential customers resulting in higher conversion rates.

4.    Brand Authority

When a brand has a huge following on social media, it automatically imposes higher authority of the brand, and builds up trust among all the users. Through social media you can directly communicate to your customers/users, which helps in creating a very positive image for your brand that your brand actually cares about their users.

5.    Economically beneficial

Benefits of social media marketing doesn’t just provide you with a larger reach, it also does that in a very low price comparatively. Even if you spend equal amount of money into other digital marketing channels, you wouldn’t get anywhere close to the conversion rate you’ll get from social media marketing.

6.    Sense of Leadership

Managing and posting liable content on your social media can put you in the lime light and put you ahead of all your competitors. You can become an industry leader in just a little period of time. Once you are an industry leader, you can lead the way and take your own brand and other’s brand to places.

7.    Loyal Customer base

One the most major benefits of social media marketing is that it helps you create a loyal customer base, which is the ultimate goal of every brand. Once a brand has a stable and loyal customer base, it can the build on it and achieve new heights. These benefits of social media marketing alone puts it ahead of other channels for social media marketing.

These were the most major benefits of social media marketing, if you want to grow your business in the 21st century social media marketing becomes a must. Benefits of social media can make a major difference in company’s overall performance in the market.

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