What is Mobile marketing? 7-steps Beginner’s guide

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What is Mobile marketing?

Digital marketing is a multi-channel marketing strategy focusing on advertising to your users on mobile phones. You can promote your brand to your users through their mobile phone, this includes SMS/MMS marketing, social media, emails, Google ads, apps, etc. Studies show that about 80% of the total internet users are smartphone users. Smartphones have revolutionized the internet world, you can do almost everything on a smartphone that you do on a PC. From checking emails to visiting websites to watching videos everything can be done with your smartphone on the go. In fact, Google gives more preference to the mobile search queries compared to desktop search queries.

Why is mobile marketing so important?

As we talked in the “What is mobile marketing?” section of the page. Most of the people always have their phones with them 24/7. People surf internet on mobile phones a lot more compared to desktops and laptops. A very large number of population in the world may not even have access to a desktop computer or a laptop, all they have is their smartphone that is capable of performing just as much. We can’t ignore those people, hence when somebody starts their mobile marketing campaigns they are tapping into the world of enormous audience just surfing their mobile phones.

How to start Mobile marketing?

Now that we have discussed “What is digital marketing?” and “why is mobile marketing so important?” it is now time to discuss the “How?” We’ll be giving you a 10-steps beginner’s guide to mobile marketing. Before we begin, you need to understand that all the fields in digital marketing is data-driven. With that been said, let’s begin.

1.    Define your Audience

The first step to success in any business activity is understanding your customers. To run an efficient and effective mobile marketing campaign the first thing you need to do is define your audience, create some specific criterias, their age group? Nature of work? Annual or monthly income? Family size? Friends? Interests and hobbies? Etc. These are the question that needs to be answered to create a good definition for your target audience.

2.    Set Goals

Before beginning your mobile marketing campaign define what are you looking get out of it. Are you looking for more traffic? Higher conversion rates? Increased awareness about your brand? Or whatever fits to your requirements. Setting these goals will make your path to it clearer, as one has to use different channels for different types of results. Like social media marketing is usually done to make a brand identity and increase traffic to your platform.

3.    Create a mobile friendly website

Before even starting your mobile marketing campaign you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. About 45% of mobile users start their surfing with search engines. So you need to understand exactly “what is digital marketing?” Please make sure that the website you have is mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly basic means that it should look good and work good on mobile phones as well!

4.    Make your content mobile friendly

Now you must be thinking “What do you mean by mobile friendly CONTENT?” Well, while writing your content, you might think that other pages of your website is relevant. But on mobile user do not care about any other page but the one they’ve landed on. So you need to make sure your content is catchy and easy to understand.

5.    SMS marketing

You can tap into this exclusive form of marketing only available for mobile marketing. That is SMS marketing. There are resources that says 58% of the world’s smartphone users can’t go longer than 1 hour without checking their mobile phones! Fascinating right? We being addicted to our smartphones like that. The amount of people use SMS text can be estimated through this data that 41% of smartphone users prefers text messaging over phone calls.

6.    Create a different identity

Creating a brand requires making your brand different and unique from others. Now that doesn’t mean have to discover something new and then create a brand, no! creating an identity simply means having people recognize your brand by just a look of your mascot or logo or anything else.

7.    Mobile Apps

Even though your website is extremely mobile friendly people still prefer mobile apps over websites on their mobile phones. Your mobile app should be easy to understand and work with, the overall look and feel of your app will immensely affect your brand’s image in the user’s eye! Your mobile app has to potential to convert your regular users into regular customers pretty easily.

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