What comes under off page SEO activities?

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What is the meaning of off-page SEO?

Activities that are done outside your website that directly or indirectly effect your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Some off-page SEO activities are namely, User’s point of view of a site’s popularity, authority, trustworthiness and relevance. Building up this sort of user perspective depends on the following things:  The quality of your content, promotions or backlinks.

Importance of Off-page SEO?

  • For the website owners

Off-page SEO activities are as important as On-page SEO when it comes to ranking in the top results of the search engines. In a recent research some researchers found out that almost 99% of the traffic on the search engine goes to the websites that rank on its first page. With good off-page SEO strategies you can have that opportunity to gain that huge exposure, Establish trust, increase traffic.

  •  For the Search Engines

Search engines currently take into account a lot of things to improve the search results for the users. Off-Page SEO is a very important component when it comes to listing your website in these top results. Off Page SEO tells the search engines about the user perspectives for the website. A Quality website usually has a lot of backlinks (References) from other websites, brand mention on social media platforms.


Effective Off-Page SEO actions

1. Link Building

Your links are the core representatives of your website to the outer-world and especially the search engines.Link Building is an essential part of Off-Page SEO. The links of your website should be so self-explanatory that people understand it as soon as they see it. A lot of people just mistake while getting themselves a domain which mistake then costs them a huge amount of traffic loss and not a good ranking on search engines.

2. Social Media

It’s true that in this digital world, people spend more time on social media platforms than they spend of search engines. So even though social media isn’t a category that search engines react to, its still very important for a brand to manage good social media images as it helps in reaching out to clients and customer. Social media has a huge potential to increase your reach to your target audience. The more people share your content on social media, the more backlinks and promotions you get for that particular piece of content on your site. Hence, we can say that social media is a very strong component of Off-Page SEO

3. Guest Blogging

“Blogging” pretty sure you must’ve heard this term before while surfing the internet, as blogging is one of the most important type of content for marketers, websites that has blogs gets about 430% more indexed pages! More than half of the marketers use blogs on their social media content. Guest Blogging can be called the core of off-page SEO. Guest blogging is a very beneficial practice for both the parties that are involved. 

  • How does guest blogging work?

Well, online publishers require a lot of high quality blogs to increase the content on their website, while the author needs some personal branding. So in this case, two parties have something of each other’s highest interest so they both enter into an agreement that is beneficial to both of them. These posts usually contain backlinks of author’s personal website or blog.

Some basic steps for guest blogging

  1. Know your audience – You can start by looking for interested parties, partners. You need to think how much your audiences overlap each other’s , if there is some common ground to it or not.
  2. Uniqueness ­– Strictly no plagiarism. Always write your own content, copying others can make a bad image for you in the business.
  3. Online put one backlink to your brand – Guest blogging has been exploited in the past, to prevent that top search engines has introduced some measures, further exploitations and you may have to face the Google penalty and you may not even receive any more traffic.

4. Influencer Marketing

Brands and businesses all over the world are now adapting to this relatively new form of advertising that is to reach out to prominent influencers to help them promote their brands. These influencers can be bloggers, public speakers, social media sensations, and social media users in general. This sort of business relations is relatively similar to others forms of business. Either the business or brand pays the influencers money or atleast free products. Or the influencers and the business enters into a mutually beneficial agreement.

Influencer Marketing can be called a new member of the Off-page SEO family, this form of marketing has a potential to increase your audience by more than twice as much as the older methods


Content Quality

No matter how much effort you put into you off-page SEO or On-Page SEO, it all comes down to the quality of the content you provide. People would not like to feed their audience your content if it’s not of the best quality, doing so may burn their own audience size.

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