Everything you need to know about Ecommerce Marketing.

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What is Ecommerce Marketing?

The method of creating general awareness about the ecommerce platforms to increase sales is simply called Ecommerce Marketing.

The process of building up consciousness about the existence of online stores and increasing sales. Promotions of such brands and store is known as Ecommerce marketing. Ecommerce marketing tactics is somewhat similar to those of the traditional marketing. Ecommerce websites has an increasing potential and is growing at an exceptional rate. Ecommerce marketing majorly focuses on driving traffic to your ecommerce website.

Main sources for Ecommerce Marketing

Now, ecommerce marketing is not so far away from the basic concept of digital marketing. There are many ways you can drive traffic to your stores. But some of the most prominent methods are as following:

1.    Email

Maximum amount of population in today’s world has an email address. Creating huge scope for email marketing in today’s world. Once you master the art of email marketing you have an exceptional audience to tap into to promote your ecommerce marketing. There are people who would sell you email lists to help you boost your email marketing campaigns or you can create your very own email list.

2.    Content

Once you have created a humongous email list for you, you need to make sure you feed your audience with high quality content and provide value to them. Just sending them random and crappy content will result into them unsubscribing your email list. You don’t want that, it’s the core of your ecommerce marketing strategies. You need to produce high quality content in order to create and maintain regular traffic on your store.

3.    Videos

In the 21st century, just sending people long detailed written content will result in no or very low result as everybody is always on the go. Creating interesting and detailed video on the other hand will hook their attention and make them listen to what you have to say and understand it to the depth. This will result into them getting connected to you on an emotional level and make them buy products from your store. That is the simplicity of Ecommerce marketing

What stages do people go through in Ecommerce marketing?

Even though ecommerce marketing may seem easy and simple to you, there’s a hidden psychology behind being used to attract audience and potential customers to your online store. Ecommerce marketing experts filters out customers from millions of people that see your post or catch an eye about your store. A person goes through these simple steps before buying anything from your store

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Decision
  4. Action

In the first stage, they are made aware about the existence of your online store, this stage is done to a large amount of audience. During the first stage the reach of your content is very high. The second stage, is for those people who showed interest in your stores. The number of people has decreased by a lot. The third stage, basically is where people who showed interest takes a decision whether or not to buy products from your store. The fourth stage, the final stage where the people who decided to buy from you actually makes the purchase! This was a basic psychological tactic hidden behind ecommerce marketing.

Resources for E commerce Marketing

It’s true that we can call ecommerce marketing a part of digital marketing itself. And almost all of the tools and resources are the same but for the sake of it, we’ll be listing some major sources for Ecommerce marketing.

  1. Email marketing

Sending people the updates, links, offers, etc. to their emails to gain awareness and traffic to your store

  • Video Marketing

Creating promotional videos about your online store could create a massive effect over your store

  • Social Media Marketing

Most of the world’s population uses social media quite often. This way promoting your store on social media could increase your reach by almost 200%!!

  • SEO

Proper search engine optimization could result in to your store being listed in the top results for your relevant keywords!

  • Influencer Marketing

This relatively new and effective form of marketing is changing the lives of a lot of people. An influencer can promote your brand to a specific niche of people which is way more effective

  • Link Building

Promoting your brand on other websites with a backlink can immensely increase your traffic if done right.

  • Chatbot Marketing

Chatbot marketing is gaining a lot of traction these days! You can design a bot specifically for your store to talk to people on instagram, facebook, and other social media platforms!

These were some key resources for Ecommerce marketing. If done correctly your store can gain immense revenue with ecommerce marketing!


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