Everything You Need to know about Content Marketing

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What is content marketing?

Traditional marketing strategies involved actions like roadside banners, newspaper commercials, television commercials, brochures, etc. Modern methods of marketing commonly known as digital marketing channels like email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing. These all channels are based on content marketing. You must be thinking “What?” Content marketing means providing proper content to your audience and all of the channels mentioned above are based upon content. The better content you provide the more people are attracted to your brand!

Content Marketing is majorly focused on long term relationship building with your customers/users. Its main target is to focus on building a relationship with the end user and then eventually drive more sales to your business.

Strategies for content marketing

There are numerous strategies for content marketing available today. When content marketing was newly found, situations were different. There used to be very few techniques for content marketing all they had was magazines, newspapers and couple more. They could play with words, pictures and a few more details. Although there were few content marketing methods, the options were still remarkably vast.

Now with the digitalization of everything, the potential and requirement for content marketing has increased remarkably. Now the content marketers have a lot more to play with and experiment with. Before you start making strategies for your content marketing campaign read out the tips given below to show the best results and use your complete potential.

Content marketing Tips

Writing content isn’t difficult. But writing content that will be successful is a bit more complex playground. We will be giving you some tips on how you can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your content marketing campaign.

1.    Stop being a perfectionist

Just writing world class content will not help you get traffic on your website regularly, you need to create a loyal user base. Establish your brand’s identity. But that doesn’t mean you should stop focusing on the quality of your content, always give your best in that area while also focusing on other aspects of content marketing. What most people do is that they just focus on the word “content” and forget about the actual meaning of “marketing”.

2.    Don’t publish crap

While writing content regularly, you may feel like whatever you write will be good. Well no, that thinking will just drive you to the ground. Always proofread your content atleast twice before you publish it anywhere. Maintain a quality to your work, and try to be consistent with it. Feeding your audience with only the best of your work will help you gain their loyalty and trust.

3.    Keep a check on your progress

Always measure the success of your content. Now you may be thinking “How do I measure the success of my blog?” Well, first of all not just blog but you need to keep a check on your progress. Analysis is a very important part of content marketing that is ignored by many content marketers that fail. A lot of people measure their success through the number of shares their particular blog got. But that is a quite inaccurate way to measure success of your content. The best way is through Google Analysis.

4.    Build multiple channels to increase ROI

Just posting your content only at one place (lets say your blog) may not get you a good ROI that you deserve. That’s why a lot of people repurpose their content to be a script to a webinar or email content. Whatever or wherever you publish your content just make sure you are getting enough ROI.

5.    Storytelling isn’t important

For the longest time, content marketing has been linked with storytelling. Although storytelling about the brand is the best way to develop a relationship with your prospects you can still write valuable content that is straightforward and informative without writing stories. Now, storytelling is the best means to create good quality content that links with the end user but a straightforward and informative post could do just the same.

6.    Always speak your mind

Express what you think, what you know, what you want. These are the things that will separate you from the crowd and create a separate identity to your brand. And when you write what you believe in your content’s quality will blow up! You may just write the best piece of content, content marketing is all about improving your content.

7.    Show proof of what you say

Theoretical writing is cool and all but you need to show data if you make a statement about anything. When you provide your audience with data, they tend to develop a sense of authenticity about you and your brand. This may just be the most important tip for content marketing.

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